I’ve always been somewhat negatively inclined towards “bloggers” my whole life.

Not because I have anything against them, just mostly because almost all of the blogs I’ve ever read consisted of self-involved young women uploading picture after picture of themselves in various outfits with quite frankly, plain boring and understimulating text – if they even get around to writing at all.  Obviously Patty, this doesn’t refer to your blog.  Although that might say more about the range of blogs I read, and not about what actually is out there remains to be seen.  The fact that I am now sitting in front of my computer, staring at this text I’ve written which I’m about to upload to MY OWN BLOG, well – I find it quite amusing to say the least!  But what can I say? People change, opinions change and………. apparently, I have too.

So, who am I and where did this impulsive idea to blog come from? My name is Anna, I’m half Thai, half Swedish. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand but moved to Stockholm for almost 7 years ago. This blog is going to be about me, my life, my friends and family and a whole lot of other fun! Things that interest me (and hopefully you too) but also a place where I can just be me. A place where I can write about anything that comes to mind, express myself – a place of reflection for me. I’m going to alternate between Swedish and English in this blog, hell I might just throw in some Thai here and there just for the fun of it 😉 The main reasons being:

1. My mom who still lives in Thailand does not speak Swedish and since I want her to be able to follow my life through this blog I can’t exclusively blog in Swedish.

2. Swedish, I feel has somehow become my comfort zone – when it comes to expressing myself – ….. sick I know, considering that I have English as my mother language. So I plan to use this blog as an opportunity for me to get my English vocabulary up and running again 🙂

Last of all I’d just like to say,  sometimes it feels like my mind is racing at the speed of sound and even I can’t keep up, so there’s a HUGE possibility that I’ll shift from being abstractly vague to totally incoherent and much more in this blog…….  Please keep in mind that I’m just having fun, so don’t take me too seriously with everything I write, because I definitely don’t! 😛

With that being said – Welcome to my blog!



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