The hardest thing in life is knowing which bridges to cross, and which bridges to burn

Yesterday was a wonderful day, I was literally walking on air – that’s how happy I’ve been! I’ve been so caught up doing a million things at once the past few days I’ve totally forgotten about my blog!!! It really is a lot more work than you think, I NEVER would have imagined how much effort goes into writing a blog, (once again, me and my preconceptions I’ve had about bloggers proves to be SO wrong)

So I finally signed the papers to my first very own apartment here in Stockholm since I moved here for almost 7 years ago. Can’t even begin to explain the feeling…….. to say that I’m excited, overjoyed, ecstatic – all of the above would be an understatement. Yeah, so you get it…. :D!

Was in town to sign the papers during my lunch break so decided to drop by my beautiful friend Patricia’s work to say hi since I was close by. We sat in the sun together while she ate her lunch then Bella showed up 🙂 We’re apparently going to play softball, grill and just hang out a bunch of us next Monday at Stockholm’s University. Sooooo fun, I can’t wait! Can’t help but love it when the weather is good here, there’s so much more to do and everyone is always in such a good mood when the sun is shining. Growing up in Thailand you don’t learn to appreciate the sun in the same way since it’s always sunny 😛 When I first moved here, I thought everyone was crazy – as soon as there was even the smallest hint of sun, everyone and I mean, EVERYONE was out and about doing things outdoors. A couple of years living here and what do you know, I’ve become exactly the same haha! 😉

"Agent Patricia's SWAT team"

A pic of me, Patty, and Bella (amongst others 🙂 )from Patty’s bachelorette party this February at Vaxholms fort. It was freezing cold, (-24 degrees Celsius to be more specific) :S but we had sooooo much fun! There we’re talking memories for life ❤


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