Too cold for you to keep her, too hot for you to leave her

Just got back from the gym, so now I’ve officially gone from just dead-tired to a real live walking zombie haha! (I know, that sentence was just full of self contradictions but you get the gist of it right?) So now I’m sitting here in front of my computer trying to multitask – which I btw am totally awesome at 😉 – and waiting for five o clock to come so I can go meet up Patty, Niko and Ricky for dinner and games in the park! Hope it doesn’t rain…..

Oh well, enough blogging for now…. gotta get some work done too haha!

Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE Rihanna? David Guetta too for that matter, just two reasons amongst many others that this song is totally smashing! Everytime I hear it, I just wanna jump up on to the nearest table and start dancing haha 😉



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