Ok, so yesterday…. yesterday was an AWESOME day! I woke up with this wonderful feeling – you know one of those days when you just walk around with this stupid smile on your face and you can’t stop smiling and you don’t know why but you don’t mind, cuz you’re so happy? Yeah, that was my day yesterday 😀 Had quite a lot to do at work, more than usual but in some sort of way I actually think it’s more fun that way… I’m a lot more effective under stress I’ve noticed – strange right? 😛

We were supposed to run Vårruset, but the weather couldn’t make up its mind it seemed, going from pouring rain very similar to monsoon rain, to clear blue skies and beautiful sunny weather within the space of like 10-15 minutes! I was majorly tempted to use the rain as an excuse to skip out on it, but then I was like: you know what? I’ve decided to do this, run those 5 km and I’m going to do it now, no excuses – just do it! So I ran home, through the rain – changed into my running clothes and then off I went to meet up Patty and Katis outside of Patty’s place. And what do you know, by the time we got to Stockholm University the sun was shining and I was more psyched than ever to do this!! 😀

20110526-224014.jpgKati, Julia, Patty, Bella and I 

It went good, not as good as I would have wanted – but as my sweet friend Patty put it: you are always your own worst critic. So true! My goal was to run 5 km in 20 minutes, and I came in at 32.19 so it was okay I guess! I didn’t come last at least haha 😉

That would have been so NOT OKAY!

When we were all finished we went to pick up our picnic basket that we got for running and stuffed our faces (at least I did :P) over crazy girltalk. Havent laughed so hard in a long time, I love it that we’re all just as crazy as each other, totally sick humour but at least we’re all on the same level haha!

20110526-223909.jpgJulia and I with our medals, wooooohoooo!!!

Anyways, all that to say – I’m so proud of myself! Never thought in my wildest imagination that I would EVER do something like this, and then one day you just decide to do something and you end up surprising everybody including yourself! Got home around 10:00 last night and totally passed out. Slept like a baby (I know Mom that I say that only because I’ve never had a baby, but couldn’t think of a better saying haha)

Patty and I plan to run something called Tjejmilen or, directly translated “The girl mile”. It’s double the distance of Vårruset, so 10 km and its in September. Cant wait! Time to start running a bit more often so I actually reach my goal or even outmatch it next time 🙂

Now I’m tired, so off to bed I go!

Lots of love/Piglet


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