You were born an original, don’t die a copy.

What a day I’ve had today! Woke up at 06:30 this morning and got to work around 07:00 🙂 That’s probably the earliest I’ve gotten to work EVER I think – but for some reason I woke up  extra early and was full of energy so I was like, why not?

At around 10:30 I went into town to get my hair cut, highlighted and dyed by my wonderful friend Patricia who btw just happens to be an AWESOME hairdresser also! It’s so much fun to just sit there and have girl talk, catch up on each others lives and on top of it get my hair done! Double the fun! 🙂 I love it when Patty fixes my hair cuz she always know exactly what I’m thinking and then carries it out like 10 times  better than I could even imagine. Its like she gets me so well – sometimes its scary (in a good way of course ;)) cuz its almost like she’s inside my head without me even having to tell her anything! ❤

Phoebe and I at Collage

Later on my friend dropped by the hair salon to give me the keys to our new apartment so the next few days are going to be very busy now with us moving, buying furniture and fixing up our new place! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee, I’m soooo happy!!!!!!

Boy, are we gonna nest now 🙂

Some pics from this weekend, Sofia and I at V!

Got home around 08:00 and cooked dinner for Phoebe and I – made breaded cod, boiled potatoes and a sauce called romsås in Swedish…… have NO idea what it’s called in English haha 😛 I even tried googling it, but no luck there either. And then some paprika – can’t forget the vegetables, they’re important – it was sooo good! And healthy, which makes it even better! Now I’m going to watch “Two and a Half Men” in bed with my green tea and then its off to bed! Have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow 🙂 Sweet dreams!



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